As a hybrid event, the HOPE exhibition brings together sustainable projects and citizen initiatives to promote, raise awareness and enable encounters and thus foster the ecological and social transition of our society. You will find during this event, among others, conferences, different workshops, a market of local products and Belgian creators.

After a success in 2017 and 2018, during our exhibitions in Andenne and Namur, with a total of 2500 visitors, 150 exhibitors and about fifty workshops, conferences and activities of all kinds, we wish to export the show to other cities in Belgium in order to highlight the richness of a region and, who knows, to create synergies between professionals, between structures, between citizens so that tomorrow will be in a better place than today.

2019 edition of Namur

More than just an event

During our exhibition, you will meet the associative world, the civic sphere, sustainable companies and the political world in order to bring together all the actors of society to work together to create a fairer, more humane, in short: more sustainable society.

HOPE association

The social aim of the HOPE association is to promote sustainable development and to support associations, citizen initiatives and all sustainable projects and enterprises on the Walloon territory.

We therefore wish, in a general way, to promote all actions that improve society and to highlight projects that are sensible and good for Man and Nature.

This translates into events, including the HOPE exhibition, whose mission is to bring together all these actors of tomorrow acting for the common good in order to create synergies, links, and promote to the general public and public authorities.

Over the years, we have diversified into many other event organisations to promote sustainable development in different sectors: food, mobility, social, etc.

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